Advantages of cold forming

//Advantages of cold forming

Compared to other processing technologies, cold forming has the following advantages for manufacturers of metal wallboard forming machines.


1) Save original materials. Cold forming is the use of plastic deformation of the metal to make the required part shape, which can greatly reduce cutting and improve material utilization. The utilization rate of cold forming materials can reach more than 80%.


2) Improve labor productivity. Using cold forming instead of cutting to make parts can increase productivity by several times, tens or even hundreds of times.


3) The product can achieve the desired surface roughness and dimensional accuracy. The accuracy of the parts reaches IT7~IT8, and the surface roughness reaches R0.2~R0.6. As a result, cold-extruded parts are rarely reworked and only need to be ground in demanding locations.


4) Improve the mechanical properties of the parts. After cold forming, the metal is cold worked hardened and a reasonable fiber streamline distribution is formed inside the part, so that the strength of the part is much higher than the strength of the raw material. In addition, a reasonable cold forming process can form compressive stress on the surface of the part to improve fatigue strength. Therefore, after the cold forming technique, it is possible to save some heat treatments that need to be strengthened by heat treatment. Some components originally needed to be made of high-strength steel and could be replaced with low-strength steel after using cold forming technology.


5) It can process complex shapes and hard cut parts. Such as profiled sections, complex internal cavities, internal teeth and invisible inner grooves.


6) Reduce the cost of parts. Since the cold forming process has the advantages of saving raw materials, increasing productivity, reducing the number of parts, and using inferior materials instead of high-quality materials, the cost of parts is greatly reduced.

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