Advantages and disadvantages of ceiling

//Advantages and disadvantages of ceiling

Advantages of false ceilings:

  1. Many suspended ceilings were originally designed to compensate for the lack of structure in the building. If the height of a room is too high, you can use a false ceiling to lower it because the space will be very empty. If the height from the floor is too low, it can be manipulated through a false ceiling. Use a visual error to “elevate” the room. Because the beam or heat pipe on the roof of the original building of some houses is exposed and the above deficiencies can be covered in the suspended ceiling, the surface is neat and not cluttered.
  2. To enhance the effect of ceiling decoration, the use of richly shaped ceilings enhances the visual appeal and reflects a unique decorative style that allows the surface treatment to be full of personality.
  3. The ceiling provides an excellent lighting effect that gives the feeling of an interior light source layer. Some houses have a simple lighting circuit from the original building and the lighting fixtures are simple and cannot create a good lighting environment. Ceilings can be reserved for the installation of lamp parts that hide many pipes. This allows you to add a lot of color to your room by creating lighting effects of spot lights, line lights, surface lights.
  4. Isolation. If the upper floor of your house does not have a layer of insulation, in summer the sun shines directly on the roof and can vaporize the interior. Add insulation to the roof to provide insulation and cooling. When winter comes, the insulation of the ceiling makes it difficult for the heat to escape from the room.
  5. Divide the space. Ceilings are one of the ways to divide a space. The ceiling allows you to change the height of two connected spaces of the same floor level, allowing you to divide the two areas. For example, the separation of the ceilings in the living room and dining room not only makes the division of labor clear, but also achieves two objectives with a stone that maintains the consistency and transparency of the space below.
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